greece pictures...finally

Sorry it's taken me a while. I've been feeling a bit lazy in the week since I've been home. But now I'm definitely settled back into SoCal life. You know you're back in Southern California when you agree to drive to Santa Monica for lunch with your best friend at a vegan restaurant and as you're walking in she tells you: "I once ate next to David Duchovny." The nachos (sans real fromage) were actually quite tasty. Sadly, David Duchovny was nowhere to be found.

On to the pix!

Our first glimpse of the Acropolis on our first night in Athens.

Me and Fred atop the Acropolis after the previous night's one-two punch of Dom Perignon compounded with red wine. In case you're wondering, *never* a good idea.

The Parthenon rocks.

The fallen column at the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Had to find the Armenian church, which of course was a 10-minute walk from the fabulous Fresh Hotel.

Moi at the ancient agora (read: shopping center).

The fabulous Fresh Hotel.

Our first island paradise: Mykonos

There are no words.

I told him that if he ordered a "Miami Vice" cocktail, I was going to put a picture of it on the blog. Consider yourself warned, my friend.

Me and the Berkeley girls on the best bar balcony in the world at Katerina's in Mykonos' Little Venice at sunset.

The view from our room at the Alkioni Hotel on Naxos.


Santorini sunset from our hotel.

Our adorable little Hyundai. You can almost hear it chanting: "I think I can...I think I can...I think I can..."

Santorini's red beach.

The village of Oia.

Sitting above the main town of Fira. No, I'm not naked. I'm just wearing a tube top.

Our hotel at the edge of the world.

One of the two propellers that miraculously lifted us away from Santorini to Athens on my final journey home.

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