more pictures

Got the latest pictures burned to a CD yesterday so I can bring them to you here. Nothing else new to report. Just more lounging and doing battle with the kids.

Enjoy the pix!

Karnak temple.

Courtney brought her famous avocadoes to Luxor so that she could have a falafel sandwich, Cali-Mex style.

Our last sunset over the Nile.

Courtney found a piece of home in Sharm El Sheikh.

Home base in Sharm: Shark's Bay Bedouin Camp. It was just as heavenly as it looked.

These are the fish I didn't see while snorkeling. Instead, I saw them from the top deck of the boat. Far away from their nibbling teeth.

The descendant of the burning bush at St. Catherine's Monastery. It told us never to take a bus to St. Catherine's again.

Very sad to leave Sharm and our dinners on the beach.

Our first peek at Petra's treasury.

About half an hour into our 40-minute climb to the Monastery, the coolest spot in all of Petra.

See? Isn't that awesome? The monastery.

Our leaders in Jordan: King Hussein and King Abdullah.

Sunset over the Dead Sea. The land in the background is the West Bank.

This how close we actually got to Israel. Just below that bank, the West Bank of the river, is the Jordan River.

Jesus' baptism site.

My adorable cousin Sarig, who's now 2. She stole this chair from Lorig's house and insisted on sitting in it in the car.

I'll take more pictures of the kids soon and get them burned later. That's all for now. Hope you've enjoyed them!


Jessey said...

Did you go inside and get the Holy Grail? Did you choose wisely?

Druz said...

Hmmm...South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, UAE - are they going to let you back on a U.S.-bound plane after seeing your itinerary?

I'm very jealous, Sleeze. I want to quit my job, too. My most exciting travel in the near future is a Memorial Day trip to exotic Portland. Fucker.