snapfish sucks

I've been trying to upload photos for two days and Snapfish refuses to comply. Damn newfangled technology. I'll try another Web site tomorrow. Until then, I'll try just posting a few directly here.

Brief recap of today: Woke late, went to Armenian church for memorial service for victims of last week's Armavia crash over the Black Sea, lunch at Lorig's (fish--yum), went swimming in the Persian Gulf (felt like a jacuzzi in an oven, but still great) and came back for dinner and lounging at home.

Let's give these pix a whirl:

Me on safari in Uhluluwe National Game Reserve.

Zaheera, Freeha, Z's Aunt Fowzia who graciously hosted all three of us in Durban. At the rehearsal dinner.

Henna on my hand.

Gringos at the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Nista and the boys.

Me and Z.

Me and a new friend in Kliptown, South Africa.

Freeha and I walk like Egyptians.

Enough for one night. It takes a while to upload these one by one. I'll share more tomorrow, mmkay?


Jessey said...

Snapfish does not suck.
You suck.

Mostly because you are having great adventures and I am stuck home with two itty bittys....
Today, my great adventure was helping my cat wrangle a lizard he brought into the house yesterday. He eventually gave it a terrible head wound and I scooped the lizard up on a kitchen rug and tossed him onto the deck from which he escaped by wriggling between the boards and falling about 4.5 feet to his imminent death.
I put the rug immediately into the washing machine. THAT is how adventurous I am...

When are you coming to visit ME and all my wildlife???

Jessey said...

PS you look gorgeous! Is it all the Dubai makeover or mostly the sweet sweet freedom???

Kids suck.

Love my kids.

eva said...

I think I looked better in Durban. Despite being in Dubai, I'm still looking tired, according to my cousins, who are still plotting a forceful makeover...grrrr..

cindy said...

that baby is adorable?! have you seen any cute babies that could be my GUPTA!!!

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