reconnecting with the world

So I moved into my new bulding/temporary new apartment in the new building a little over a week ago. But much to my and Roommate's dismay, we were totally unable to pilfer anyone's internet. Much chagrin ensued, but we were both comforted by the fact that we were headed out of town for a week and could probably subsist off coffee shop wifi for the time being.

Oh how ignorant we are to our own codependence on reliably available high-speed internet connections. Consequently, I went nearly mad until I got on a plane and soon thereafter arrived at Camp Haiastan to lecture the kids about the motherland and enjoy Vahan's day off with him in nearby Boston. Incredibly, summer camps these days have wifi. Who knew?

As of today, however, we've got wifi at home. Thank the broadband gods!

Camp was fun, the lectures went well (despite my terror at having to speak in front of hordes of judgmental children), and Vahan and I had a fantastic night at the fabulous Taj Hotel, followed by a lovely picnic in the Boston Public Garden just across the street the next day.

Afterward, I rented a car and drove through the scenic Berkshires and into Vermont to see Bec, Jason, and the new Zimbaby: Abigail. (It's a girl!) She's even cuter than her pictures, with much redder hair and even bluer eyes. It's fair to see that I'm an auntie smitten. Just look at that face:

And please note the adorable yellow booties I bought for her in Armenia. I have some taste. Even if she'll probably outgrow them by Tuesday.



I've finally recovered...mostly. And just as I was starting to feel somewhat normal, we moved. It was a good move though -- I'm finally living in a city...temporarily. Sort of. My life is so complicated. Le sigh.

K and I moved to 11th and W, just two blocks from the funness of U Street bars, restaurants, and cafes. A short walk from Adams-Morgan, and Dupont. And, most important, only two blocks from a metro station. It no longer matters that I don't have a car. Hooray! Everyone is welcome to come and visit...but only after September. You see, we're cramped in a one-bedroom this month until the two-bedroom upstairs is vacated and cleaned, so we can move all our junk (again) into the more appropriately sized apartment.

Though it's cramped and a bit of a pain. I've got plenty of little get-aways planned to keep me out of the house. (In addition to not having Internet, which means I spend a couple hours a day in a coffee shop.) Tomorrow I'm flying to Boston to see Vahan, who's spending his summer vacation as a counselor at Camp Hayastan. After giving a lecture to the kid, he and I are staying at a fancy Boston hotel, before I take off for three days in Vermont to meet little Abigail, Rebecca's new daughter. I'm looking forward to a week of Americanness (with a little Armenian-Americanness thrown in for good measure.)

The last two weekends in August will be spent in NY. First for a wedding of Vahan's former coworker, then for AYF Olympics in Newark (admittedly not in NY, but close enough that I plan to spend a lot of time there.)

And after all that, we can *finally* move into a normal-sized apartment. And classes will start. And the long, slow march to a master's degree will resume.