an addendum

Dad called last night. I can go to prom. Yay!

Now I just need a snazzy new top...

Dad...can I borrow $20?


further proof I need to unwind before going to sleep with 10 things on my mind

I've been meaning to write this entry since I got home but because stealing WiFi is *so* unreliable -- no customer service to call and complain to. Sigh. -- I've instead been fiddling around with a take-home mid-term. I wrote a whole paragraph! Just four pages to go!

Anyhow, as the title hinted, I've been so busy lately that I always have roughly a million things going through my pretty little head as I lay it down to rest on my pretty little pillow.

So much so that last night's dream went a little something like this:

The Scene

Home in Irvine. Asking my dad if I can borrow $20 to buy a new top at Forever 21 to go with the black skirt I'm planning on wearing to my department's prom on Saturday. (The prom and skirt parts are for real. As is my secret desire to get over to Forever 21 sometime this week. Yay!)

Dad's reaction

"You really ought to be saving money for your Fullbright application and frankly, you shouldn't be going out. You really should be working on that Fullbright." (OK, so the Fullbright part is also for real, but that's like TWO years away people!)

Maybe this all just confirms my sneaking suspicion that I'm getting crazier the longer I juggle my crazy work schedule with my school schedule.



tales from the metro

My new favorite DC moment:

The scene: Riding the escalator down to the Dupont stop on the red line.

The players: Young Republican Andrew and me and assorted Metro riders

The action: YRA struggles with the complex physics of shutting his umbrella, deterring a young lady as she walks down the escalator to her train.

I reassure her: "It's OK. He's a Republican."

Her reaction: Understanding laughter.