things to do when i've finished my thesis

Actually, the list on my desk is titled: Things to do when I'm DONE (double underline under the DONE)

(Also, for those curious, I'll be DONE sometime after 2:30 p.m. on Friday, May 16. Not that I'm counting or anything.)

When you're working on the fourth set of revisions to a 20-page chapter that provides an overview of the literature supporting your argument that indeed electronic media does have a role to play in democratic development, you need an end goal in sight. A light at the end of the tunnel. Or, more to the point, 10 lights at the end of the tunnel. (Though I'm fairly certain this list will grow longer.)

As it stands now (and in no particular order):

1. SLEEP (oh how I covet thee.)
2. Guitar lessons (How long have I been saying I'll do this? I'll be -- hopefully -- gainfully employed with significantly more free time to juggle.)
3. Couples yoga with V. (Can't believe I just published that on the internets, but we'd talked about it this week and as much as I despised yoga the first time around, I'm willing to give it another go if only because the V Man himself is actually quite enthused about the idea.)
4. Go out more (dancing, bars, restaurants, game nights with friends, anything social, really.)
5. Attempt to cook more complicated meals. (last night's highlight: pasta with any vegetable left in the fridge. actually turned out decent.)
6. See things on the East Coast that are not in the Greater Washington Area. (I never ever leave the Capitol except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and..oh wait. That's it. I never leave. Le sigh.)
7. Exercise (No, really. I'd started jogging a few weeks ago on Saturday mornings. Then there was the Saturday that it was 10 degrees. Then there was the Saturday after I fell down the stairs banging my back in the worst possible locations and walking was painful. I'm walking a lot though!)
8. Read novels. (Oh books, how I miss you. How I miss a decent story that isn't an academic treatise on the Importance of Democracy.)
9. Read the entire Sunday paper, possibly even at a coffee shop. (Whaaaaa??? A lazy Sunday you say? Impossible!)
10. (related to 9) Not feel guilty about not working on a Sunday. (or a Saturday for that matter. A girl can dream.)


sometimes you just need to laugh

It's been a tough week personally for a number of reasons that I'd prefer not to get into online, but suffice to say that when things are tough, it's good to have friends.

Last night we dined at Napoleon for dear Dora's 28th birthday, then indulged in some decadent chocolate-raspberry cake from Cakelove, and made very silly (some may say inappropriate Valentines). It was fun and hilarious and much-needed.

Tonight, finding myself with some spare time I hopped on the Metro and went to Macy's at Pentagon City to peruse the shoes (since the Macy's two blocks from my office never seems to have anything available in my size. I guess every woman who works downtown and shops at Macy's on *her* lunch hour is also a size 8.5.) I scored with an adorable pair of black ballet flats, which were desperately needed since I literally wore off the soles on my old pair running around Washington last year. What was even better: The sticker said the shoes were on sale for $45. Good deal, right? The clerk rings them up: $21! It was like Christmas! It also felt somewhat like I was getting away with murder. I can't wait to wear my adorable little shoes.

But first we have to get through this week's latest cold snap. Last Wednesday it was 70 degrees! Tonight? Yahoo! Weather says it feels like 15. Spring keeps teasing us but won't actually arrive yet for god knows how long.

In the meantime, I amuse myself by staying indoors and watching moviesand hilarious online videos, both of which I highly recommend.

It's the little things that keep us going. And I'm just going to go remind myself of that right now with a bite of Swiss chocolate. (Thanks, Christie!)