Hey Tom Friedman, GW kids want to help unflatten the world

As I walked out of the Farragut West Metro stop during my lunch break today, I noticed a group of GW students holding homemade signs asking for money to help finance their "alternative" spring break. I scoffed, seeing as how GW is the most expensive school in the country. At a little more than $50,000 a year for undergraduates, I'd imagine mom and dad are OK with supplementing at least some of that, even if you're taking out some loans.

As I was chuckling to myself, one of the more obnoxious students yelled to some passerby: "Even famous New York Times staff writers can donate!"

Wait...whaaaa? I looked at the man walking ahead of me. Was there...? Could there have been a hint of a moustache on that face? I stepped up the pace as he came to a stop at the corner, subtly turned my head and...Sure enough! Thomas "The World is Flat" Friedman!

Because I'm such a nervous nelly around celebrities (see George Clooney siting) sitings, and yet a total teenage girl (yes, even for NYT columnists), I was too excited to say hi or mention how much I loved his "From Beirut to Jerusalem."

Though I'm sure he would've been amused to hear praise from a girl in a red coat and silver shoes.


one step closer to being a master

November 26, 2007

Dear Eleeza,

The Graduate School has received, reviewed, and accepted your application to graduate with the MA in Communication, Culture and Technology. We look forward to working with your graduate program to confirm the completion of your degree requirements. If you have any questions about your degree application, please stop by our offices, ICC 302, or contact us by reply email.

Thank you and best wishes!

Graduate Student Services
Georgetown University


fall foliage and communist bears

The view as I crossed Duke Ellington bridge from Adams Morgan into Woodley Park on Saturday afternoon was stunning. I'm always stunned that there's this giant wooded park in the middle of the city.

The giant pandas really are GIANT. And they like to eat. A lot. In fact, they did little else, except maybe sleep, and occasionally swat food away from the other. Just check the Panda Cam, if you don't believe me.

Vahan wanted to be sure he got this picture of him posing with his dinner, so here you are, dear:

A fun anecdote: Vahan decided it would be fun to mock the spotted owls in the bird house. He made faces and noises, before finally sticking his tongue out and letting out a loud "Pbbbbbtttt!!" (Yes, it is like dating a 9-year-old sometimes.) The spotted owl did not look pleased. He cocked his head to one side, turned around so his behind faced us, and pooped, then turned back around and continued staring. That put Vahan in his place.


top 7 songs of the moment

Thanks for tagging me, Liz!

My favorite seven songs of the moment, in no particular order...

1. "Sovay" by Andrew Bird: Peaceful, melodic, good for work, when I'm often demanded (gently encouraged?) to play d.j. by Natasha, my friendly officemate.

2. "Fighting in a sack" by The Shins: I hadn't listened to the Shins in a while when I'd dug up my Garden State soundtrack, which prodded me to go looking for Chutes Too Narrow. Awesome album. Get it. Get it now.

3. "Silver lining" by Rilo Kiley: Probably my favorite song off their new album, "Under the blacklight." With every album, my crush on Jenny Lewis just grows and grows.

4. "Blue train" by John Coltrane: Apparently, jazz is the perfect thesis writing music because I listen to Coltrane over and over and over. In fact, I probably listen to "Blue Train" over and over and just don't realize it because it's perfect background music.

5. "Presidente" by Kinky: If you're not a morning person like me, you need a major kick in the pants when slogging to work in the mornings. Kinky wakes me up AND puts a skip in my step.

6. "Let factories open" by Armenian Navy Band: I realize most people won't be familiar with this AWESOME band. Here's a hint: Jazz, pop, rock, Armenian, fabulous. This song reminds me of my summer in Armenia, and in particular, a fun little road trip I took with my dad and some other OC friends while he was visiting me there.

7. "Way to blue" by Nick Drake: Fred once made fun of me for being a whiny emo girl because I liked Nick Drake. I find him soothing. I do not find Fred soothing.

links galore

A friend sent this one along. If you dig music, NPR, and punk rock grrrls, you'll dig Monitor Mix.

I started reading Life in Armenia while I was actually in Armenia. The contributors are all diasporans who now live in the motherland. Very well written, and very interesting insights.

Last, but certainly not least, Panda Cam! Scroll down to see the adorable communist bears. Vahan and I are going to visit them today, even though he dislikes them for their unwillingness to mate. Who cares, right? Totally cute!


christmas for everyone

Waiting at the cash register at my local CVS, examining the names on the stockings already hanging behind the cashier. Included among them, one for Ibrahim.


armenia...in pictures...three months later

So I realize this is a bit delayed, and many of you have already seen my pix (especially if you're on Facebook). But if you're not, these public links allow you to look through my pix without creating an account.


First days: http://georgetown.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2069130&l=e9701&id=1417897
Random road trips, around town: http://georgetown.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2072428&l=65564&id=1417897
Ill-advised Kharabagh trip (and yet, SUPER fun): http://georgetown.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2069130&l=e9701&id=1417897
Last days: http://georgetown.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2074289&l=9196a&id=1417897

I like Web sites with a sense of humor

And I like meta-sites that search all the airline prices for you and come up with something less than NASA's budget for a winter break trip that involves Irvine, Detroit, and DC.

The sense of humor part? I already forgot my password (there are too many passwords on the interwebs these days!) and when I clicked "Forgot your password?" it replied "Having a hard day are we?" Why yes! Yes, I am, Kayak.com. Thank you for recognizing that!